The Tournament not continuing…….

Ok, the tournament is really failing and im not happy about it. I’m pretty sure Dragon and Kenni forgot about this. We just need 1 more person to comment on “Transformice Tournament a Fail?” post. SO, IF YOU WEREN’T IN THE TOURNAMENT, LOOK FOR THE POST AND COMMENT ON IT PLZ. I’m sorry that im yelling, it’s just that some of us just can’t wait for the other person. ._. So plz, comment on it if you aren’t in it yet. After we get that next person, i’ll remind Kenni and Dragon. ._. Then do the battle between Disco and me. After that battle, we’ll do the battle between Dragon and the other person. I will be really glad if someone does it in the next 48 hours. Before we do that battles, of course we have to schedule them. 🙄  wrong wordpress xD

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Swords!!! xD (bored xD)




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New time…….

If you’re reading this and you play TM, go to . At that site, you can become a pro!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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